Beauty Review: Physician’s Formula Organic Tinted Moisterizer


Recently, I tried Physician’s Formula Organic wear®100% Natural Origin Work It! Marathonista Tinted Moisturizer™.  From my experience purchasing other natural tinted moisturizers or BB creams, it was similar in price and was about $14.00 at Walmart.  It’s listed a little higher in price when you go directly to the Physician’s Formula site, so it may vary depending on the area it’s purchased in.

The consistency of the moisturizer was a little heavier than I expected it to be but I actually liked that it provided more coverage than other products I’ve tried.  After using it on its own the first couple times, I tried mixing it with a regular moisturizer, and liked the results even more.  I just used a small drop of Alba Botanica Even Advanced Moisturizer, with an equal amount of the tinted moisturizer.   The product felt a little lighter and I actually preferred the way it looked, over using just the tinted moisturizer by itself.  If you typically use a heavier foundation, you would probably want to just use the one product without cutting it with a regular moisturizer.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a natural tinted moisturizer that covers evenly.  I haven’t tried the Physician’s Formula BB cream, but it may be a better option if you are used to a lighter product.  It rings in at around the same price.

*Update: After using this tinted moisturizer for a few months, I wanted to mention that this product is really good for those with dry skin but can possibly clog pores if you have more of an oily or combination skin type.  Personally, I may use it in the colder months when my skin is dry but wouldn’t use it during warmer months when my skin is more oily.



1 thought on “Beauty Review: Physician’s Formula Organic Tinted Moisterizer”

  1. I went to the website to check out the tinted moisturizer, and I like the fact that it’s SPF 40. Right now, the foundation that I use is under SPF 20, so I will have to consider trying this when I run out.


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