Beauty Review: Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing Brush


Last Christmas, I got the Olay Advanced Cleansing Brush and have loved using it ever since!  I’ve heard of many people only using cleansing brushes two – three times a week but I use mine every day and don’t feel like my face is as clean if I don’t.  It leaves my skin feeling really smooth and takes off all my makeup.  I usually take off my eye makeup first, if I’m wearing any, and then wash the rest of my face with the brush.  I focus on each area of my face for about fifteen seconds.  When you first start using it, you may notice your skin breaking out a little because it unclogs your pores really well.  After using it for a week or two it should regulate though.

If you’re looking for an affordable cleansing brush that will exfoliate and cleanse your face better than just using face wash or scrub alone, I definitely recommend it.  It’s worth the investment and also makes a great gift as well!

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