Book Review: We Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley


Genre: Chick Lit/Thriller

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I just finished reading this book last week and it was definitely worthy of a recommendation!  The story follows a middle aged woman, Catherine, who has grown up wealthy and lives a luxurious life.  However, the only thing she truly wants is to find love and happiness.  All of her past relationships have failed because men have only wanted to be with her for her money.  When she meets William at an art gallery, whose parents used to be family friends with her own, she begins to think she has finally found the one.  The only catch seems to be the strange reaction her mother, (who is suffering from Alzheimer’s), has when Catherine tells her about her new love interest.  Her mother claims to have bad memories of William when he was a child.  As Catherine begins to delve deeper into a relationship with William, she becomes more and more concerned he is hiding something about his past.  She must decide whether to ignore her intuition or risk giving up on the first man she has ever truly loved.

I really enjoyed the author’s style of writing and the suspenseful pace of the story.  It was definitely one of those books you want to read straight through so you can find out what will happen at the end!

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