Book Review: The One and Only by Emily Giffin


Genre: Chick Lit/Drama

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I’ve always heard great things about Emily Giffin’s books but haven’t had the chance to read many of them.  Recently, I came across her newest book, First Comes Love, and really liked it.  After I finished it, I decided to check out one of her older books, The One and Only, and actually ending up liking it a lot more!

The story follows Shea, a thirty-something football fan, who has grown up alongside her best friend, Lucy, and Lucy’s family.  After a tragic death occurs at the beginning of the story, it leads Shea to question where she is in her career and love life.  You can’t help but root for her as she strives to listen to her heart and go after what she’s always wanted.

One of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much more than First Comes Love, was because of the way it ended.  First Comes Love, had more of a cliff hanger ending that led you to make your own conclusions about what happened in each of the character’s lives.  The One and Only, ended on a sweet note and wrapped up all the loose ends.  This is a great chick lit read that tackles some difficult topics, while proving that love is the most important thing of all.


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