Beauty Review: Sinful Colors – SinfulShine with Gel Tech

2.png    1.png

I’ve always loved the look of gel nails but it’s so pricey to get them done at a salon.  When I saw that Sinful Colors came out with a gel nail collection, I was excited to try it out.  I purchased a few of the “Step 1” nail polish colors and the “Step 2” top coat.  After applying “Step 1”, my nails looked the same as when I paint them with regular polish but after I applied two coats of the “Step 2” polish they looked shiny and very similar to the gel manicures from a salon.

I really like this new line from Sinful Colors and plan on purchasing more “Step 1” colors.  I painted my nails five days ago and haven’t seen any chips in my manicure or pedicure.  Although the “Step 2” top coat doesn’t provide quite as much shine as a professional gel manicure, it looks similar to a good top coat and prevents chipping.  The price is also very affordable and is only about $3.00 at Walmart.  Plus, the line has a ton of different colors to choose from.

As a side note, the “Step 2” top coat also works on top of regular nail polish.  I actually used a regular nail polish on my nails and the “Step 1” polish on my toes.  If you’re looking for an affordable gel nail option, the Sinful Colors gel collection is a great one to try!


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