Favorite Finds: September Edition


Happy September 1!  As we get one step closer to fall, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite finds for this month.

  1. Favorite Drink – It will probably come as no surprise that my favorite drink pick for this month is the pumpkin spice latte!  The famous Starbucks version will officially be available September 8.  If you’d prefer to make your own, click here and here for homemade recipes.  (The first is a healthy version and the second is more decadent!)
  2. Favorite Show – One of the best shows I’ve watched in awhile is Stranger Things (I briefly mentioned it at the end of this post). It’s the perfect show to watch, with October right around the corner.  I love the 80’s vibe and that it’s a little creepy without being overly scary.  Now I can’t wait for season 2 to come out!
  3. Favorite Nail Colors – Throughout the summer I stick to lighter nail colors so it’s always fun to start using darker colors in the fall.  Here are some of my favorite fall shades: dark purple, taupe and burgundy.
  4. Favorite Accessory – When it starts getting cooler later in the month, I love to throw on a light blanket scarf, like this one.  It’s the perfect way to stay warm and dress up a casual outfit.
  5. Favorite Photo – There’s nothing better than taking the time to curl up with a good book, which is probably why I love this photo.  How cool does that library look?!


I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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