Book Review: The Girls by Emma Cline


Genre: Fiction

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a good start!  This weekend, I finished reading The Girls by Emma Cline, after hearing a ton of hype about it over the past few months.  The plot focuses on the Charles Manson cult and follows a fourteen year old girl, Evie, who is drawn into it.

The premise of the book is thought provoking and the author does a good job of illustrating why someone would gravitate towards a group as dark as this one.  After Evie’s parents divorce and become preoccupied with their new significant others, Evie struggles to find a sense of belonging.  She meets a few of the girls that belong to the cult and they bring her in to their inner circle; sharing everything with her from clothes to drugs.  They introduce her to the cult leader and she quickly becomes immersed in a lifestyle that is different from anything she has ever known.

Although the plot held my attention overall,  the conclusion was a bit more drawn out than I was expecting and I was hoping for a better resolution for Evie.  I would recommend this book but warn that it does not offer a happy ending.

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