Favorite Finds: October Edition


I hope everyone is having a great start to their week!  In honor of the beginning of a new month, here are my favorite finds for October:

  1. Favorite Halloween Costume – My husband and I are crazy about our dog and are so excited to dress her up this year for Halloween.  The costume we got is very similar to this one but ours is from TJ Maxx.  We thought it was perfect for her because she looks a little like a baby cow.
  2. Favorite Homemade Treat – My favorite cookies to make are white chocolate pumpkin snickerdoodles.  I tend to make them year round but especially love making them around the holiday season.  They are so good and I actually think they’re even better by the second day.  You can find the recipe for them here.
  3. Favorite Store Bought Treat – If you love pumpkin flavored snacks, you’ve got to try these pumpkin delights.  They’re one of my favorite treats to stock up on around this time of year and are so addicting.
  4. Favorite Book – I just finished reading The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena and it is the perfect book to read close to Halloween.  There are so many chilling twists I didn’t see coming – right up until the very last page.
  5. Favorite Photo – There’s never a better time to re-watch Harry Potter movies, than the beginning of the holiday season.  This photo embodies everything I love about them.


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