Fall Finds: Around the Web


I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Here’s some fun fall articles to check out as you start your week:

  1. How to tie a blanket scarf – I love the look of blanket scarves and have a couple from last season but can never seem to remember how to tie them.  This article from Lemon Stripes explains the process step by step and includes pictures that make it easy to follow.
  2. Slow Cooker Recipes – Fall is the perfect time to test out some new recipes and these crock pot ideas from The College Prepster are both easy and delicious!
  3. Fall Drinks from Starbucks – If you’re looking for a new fall drink to try at Starbucks, this list from Southern Curls and Pearls is the perfect place to look.  Whether you gravitate toward coffee, tea or apple cider, this list has all three.
  4. Fall Playlist – There’s something about the cooler months that make me want to listen to folksy music.  The Friendly Fig recently shared this great playlist with tons of Indie artists like Bon Iver and Florence and the Machine.
  5. Fall Kitchen Ware – The Pioneer Woman just released her new line of products for fall and there are tons of cute options to choose from.  The 6-drawer spice/tea box would make a great Christmas gift!

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