Favorite Finds: December Edition


I can’t believe it’s already December and Christmas is only a couple weeks away!  In honor of the holidays being in full swing, the majority of my favorites for this month are Christmas related.  Stay tuned for other holiday posts coming soon!

  1. Favorite Boots – These are the perfect pair for snowy days.  Up until recently, there weren’t many cute options to choose from for snow boots.  This year, I’ve been seeing more and more available at places like Target and TJ Maxx.  I love the color and faux fur on the linked pair.
  2. Favorite Leggings – These leggings are so festive and comfortable!  Right now, they’re 50% off at Kohl’s and a great price.
  3. Favorite Scent – This is one of my favorite scents at Bath and Body Works – and definitely my favorite Christmas scent!  I have the lotion right now and use it every day.
  4. Favorite Hostess Gift – I found the cutest bottle opener at TJ Maxx for just under $10 and thought it would make the perfect hostess gift.  I couldn’t find the exact one online but this one from Etsy is similar.
  5. Favorite Christmas Cookie – My mom and I made these cookies for the first time last year and now it’s one of our favorites!  They’re so easy to make and taste just like a jelly donut.
  6.  Favorite Christmas Movie – There are so many good Christmas movies but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be this one!  I love watching the marathon on TBS all day on Christmas.  I also love Freeform’s (previously ABC Family) 25 Days of Christmas marathon that goes on all December!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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