My Favorite Winter Beauty Products


During the colder months, I like to incorporate some of my more moisturizing beauty favorites into my routine.  Here are my top picks for winter:

  1. Hands – Nothing makes my hands feel smoother than this hand cream from Burt’s Bees.  It’s really oily so I like to put it on before I go to sleep and let it soak in over night.  To take it an extra step, you can seal in the moisture with gloves like these. (Socks also work, if you don’t want to make an extra purchase.) I’ve really noticed the difference it makes on my hands and nails.  Another product I love is this cuticle oil.  It helps prevent cuticles from peeling and helps strengthen nails.  If you ever get flimsy or weak nails during the winter, this is the perfect product to try.
  2. Lips- I purchased this cuticle butter awhile ago and didn’t really like it as a hand cream but love using it as a lip balm.  It’s so moisturizing and it’s completely natural. It also smells amazing!  Another option I really like is this.
  3. Face – On days my skin is feeling extra dry, I use a couple drops of this with this moisturizer on top.  Layering the lotion over the oil really helps seal in the moisture.  If my face isn’t very dry, I just use the moisturizer by itself.

Do you have any favorite winter beauty products?  Let me know in the comments!

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