3 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season


Looking for ways to give back during the holidays?  Take a look at the ideas below!

  1.  Donate to Your Local Crisis Nursery – Crisis Nursery’s are always in need of donations for children and families.  Items they generally need include clothes, bath products, toys, formula, diapers and cleaning supplies.  During the holiday season, many nurseries also hold holiday programs that allow volunteers to “adopt” a family and provide them with gifts.  Once matched with a family, the donor receives a wish list from the family and is given a time frame to collect the items and drop them off at their local drop off center.  If the holiday programs are coming to a close in your area, you can still donate items like the ones listed above.  To see if there is a crisis nursery near you, take a look at this list.
  2. Clean Out Your Closet – One of the easiest ways to give back is by going through your closet and donating clothes you no longer wear.  Clothes can be donated to the Salvation Army’s annual food/clothing drive or dropped off at Goodwill.  Another way to donate is by cleaning out your kitchen pantry and donating canned goods you have on hand.  Click here to find your local Salvation Army and here to find your nearest Goodwill.
  3. Donate Items to Your Local Humane SocietyThe Humane Society is always in need of items like food, pet toys, cleaning supplies, bedding, shredded paper and more.  One of the easiest ways to help is by donating old bedding or shredded paper you already have on hand.  Click here to view their complete wish list and here to find a Humane Society in your area.

If you have any ideas for giving back during the holiday season, let me know in the comments!  Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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