Favorite Finds


Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  Here are some of my recent favorite finds:

  1. Favorite Face Mask – Target and Walmart have recently started carrying these face masks and I can’t wait to try them out.  They have a bunch of different kinds to choose from depending on your skin type.  They were 2 for $5 at Walmart last time I was there and range between $2 – $4 individually.
  2. Favorite Hat – I love the double pom pom hat trend that’s going on right now.  I saw a really cute one on this blog.
  3. Favorite Boots – I’ve been wearing these boots so much this winter.  They’re much cheaper than similar name brand boots and just as comfy.
  4. Favorite Socks – My husband has gotten me these socks the past couple years for Christmas and they are so warm and cozy.  They are usually offered as a buy one get one free deal and end up being about $6 each.
  5. Favorite Christmas Outfit – This outfit is so cute, I can definitely see our pup wearing it!

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