Book Review: Losing Juliet by June Taylor


Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Juliet and Chrissy were inseparable throughout their college days.  From spending afternoons checking out thrift stores to traveling abroad, the two did everything together.  Twenty years later, Chrissy is a widowed mother raising a teenage daughter on her own and Juliet is a successful business woman.  The two women have not spoken since Chrissy cut off all communication at the end of college.  When Chrissy’s daughter learns of their college friendship, she becomes determined to help reunite them.  As the story alternates between past and present, clues are revealed about what led to the rift between the two women all those years ago.

I had mixed feelings about this book.  On the one hand, it was an addicting read and it kept my interest.  I connected with Chrissy’s daughter’s character and enjoyed the chapters that were from her point of view the most. On the other, I didn’t feel like the character’s motives were very strong.  Without giving away any spoilers, I never fully understood why Chrissy had such negative feelings toward Juliet.  I was also hoping to see Chrissy’s character grow and become stronger throughout the story but unfortunately she remained the same from beginning to end.

Although there were certain questions I didn’t feel were completely answered, I thoroughly enjoyed the story overall.  This was an addicting read and I will keep my eye out for other books written by this author in the future.


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