Favorite Finds: January Edition


Sorry for the lack of posts this month!  I’m a little behind but here are my favorite finds for this month.

  1. Favorite Show – My husband and I watched The OA a couple weeks ago and were totally hooked!  It’s about a blind girl who disappears and later returns with her sight back.  The show alternates between past and present and reveals what happened to her when she was missing.  If you liked Stranger Things, this show is slightly similar – just much darker.
  2. Favorite Boots – Love this list of warm shoes from The College Prepster.  I have a pair of knock off Bean boots (my pair linked here) and a pair of Hunters and they are the best shoes to wear when it’s icy/snowy out.
  3. Favorite Coat – I got this coat for Christmas and absolutely love it.  It’s so warm and basically feels like wearing a robe!
  4. Favorite Scrub – I’ve mentioned Alba products on here a few times and recently tried one of their new body scrubs (scent I tried here).  It smells amazing and makes my skin so smooth.  Highly recommend trying this one out!
  5. Favorite Palette – I got this e.l.f. palette for my birthday and am obsessed!  My favorite is the white highlighter.  I’ve never used a highlighter before and can see such a difference in my makeup now with this one!

I hope everyone is having a great January!  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

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