Favorite Finds: For the Pup


Happy Friday!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a pet related post so I thought I’d share some of the items my husband and I like to get our dog!  Here’s the roundup of our favorite products:

  1. Nylabones – Bindy loves to chew and will pretty much destroy any toy other than these bones!  We got her this one first but switched to some of the other Nylabones that don’t have rubber on them because she liked to chew it off.  If you have trouble making your pet’s toys last, I would recommend trying one of these out.  They’re not indestructible but it takes a lot longer for pups to chew their way through them.
  2. Food Bowl – Bindy loves to gulp her food down super fast so we got her this bowl to help her eat a little slower.  The bowl is really good quality and has a rubber lining on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around on the floor.  If you have a similar issue with your dog, I would definitely recommend this bowl.
  3. Feeding Mat – We got a mat very similar to this one from Gordman’s for around $6 or $7.  It’s perfect for keeping water from overflowing from the bowl on to the floor.
  4. Purina Natural Dog Food – Over the past six months or so, we’ve started getting this dog food from either Target or Walmart.  It’s only about $4 higher than the regular dog food we used to buy.  We tried feeding her a natural dog food from Aldi but she didn’t seem to like it so we’ve been sticking to this one.
  5. Leash – Target’s Boots and Barkley brand offers a ton of affordable items that are great quality.  We have this leash and it’s perfect for medium or large dogs.  It’s much stronger than some of the retractable leashes and holds up well over time.

Do you have any favorite pet items?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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