Book Review: The Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt


Genre: Thriller

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Dahlia Waller spent her childhood moving from town to town with her mother.  She never knew the reason for the moves or where they would end up next.  As an adult, Dahlia finds herself living a similar life to the one her mother led.  She doesn’t have any personal paperwork (social security card or birth certificate) so it’s impossible for her to settle down in a stable job or home.  Tired of struggling through life, she decides to return to her home town and finally get answers from her mother about why they spent years on the run.

I had mixed feelings about this one!  First, I’ll go through the things I liked about the book.  I really enjoyed the plot and was interested to learn more about Dahlia’s childhood and the reasoning behind her mother’s decisions.  I also liked the chapters that were told from Dahlia’s mother’s point of view and understood her character a little better because of them.  Some aspects of the book reminded me a little of Jenny Milchman’s books – which I am a fan of.  I liked how it was a little unclear whether supernatural elements were occurring or if there was a logical explanation behind them.

While I liked the characters and overall plot, I wasn’t a fan of the side story.  I kept hoping this part of the book would somehow connect with the main plot but it didn’t have anything to do with it.  The transitions from character to character weren’t as smooth as they could have been and I would have preferred to read chapters that consistently alternated between Dahlia and her mother’s points of view.

Overall, I did enjoy this book and would be interested in reading more by this author in the future.  If you’re looking for a traditional, fast paced thriller, this probably isn’t the book for you but if you’re interested in trying out something different, I would recommend it!


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