I See You by Clare Mackintosh


Genre: Thriller

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After reading, I Let You Go, about a month ago, I couldn’t wait to read Mackintosh’ February release, I See You.  Her newest book has the same level of suspense and eerie vibe as her last and drew me in to the story from the beginning.

Like many of us, Zoe Walker has a daily routine and follows the same pattern day in and day out.  What she doesn’t realize, is someone is monitoring that routine and keeping track of where she goes.  Once Zoe learns someone is stalking her, she discovers other women are being targeted as well, and many have been victims of violent crimes.  Zoe races to discover who is following her, before she becomes a victim herself.

I really liked the plot and female characters in this book.  My favorite character was Kelly, the police officer investigating the string of stalkings.  Despite having suffered a setback in her career, Kelly stays determined to get assigned Zoe’s case and find the perpetrator.  She does what she thinks is right, even when it could land her in the hot seat with her boss.  I liked how she was a bit of a flawed character who grew as the story progressed.

I tried to guess who might be behind the crimes but was completely surprised by who it was!  My favorite thrillers are ones where I’m not able to predict who the criminal is or how the book will conclude.  Similar to Mackintosh’ last book, there was an unexpected twist at the very end of the book – and it was so good!

Have any of you read this book yet?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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