Book Review: Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens


Genre: Domestic Thriller

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Officially released a little over a week ago, Never Let You Go, has been popping up on tons of book blogs and on Goodreads.  I read Those Girls by Chevy Stevens and really liked it and was excited to read the author’s latest.

When Lindsey’s abusive ex-husband, Andrew, is released from prison, she fears he will stop at nothing to get revenge against her.  Eleven years earlier, Lindsey escaped in the middle of the night with her young daughter and Andrew never forgave her for leaving.  Alternating between the points of view of Lindsey and her daughter Sophie, the story follows the mother and daughter as they are confronted with their past and the man they hoped was gone from their lives forever.

I loved the bond Lindsey and Sophie had and how close they were.  After leaving Andrew, Lindsey worked hard to make a happy life for herself and Sophie.  Lindsey is an independent woman who has taken self defense classes, created a support group for other women leaving abusive situations and started her own housekeeping business.  I loved how she grew into such a strong person, following her traumatic relationship.  I also liked seeing how protective Sophie was of her mom.  Although she made a few choices that went against her mom’s rules, it was clear how much she loved her when she was put in difficult situations.

I really liked the plot and was completely surprised by a twist at the end.  I have read a few domestic thrillers recently and didn’t feel this book had quite the level of suspense that others had, but overall, it was still a good read.

Have any of you read this book?  What did you think?  Thank you for stopping by!

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