Series Recommendation: Will Trent by Karin Slaughter

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Awhile back, I stumbled across a recommendation for Pretty Girls and it led me to this awesome series!  From the very first book, I was hooked.  The series follows special agent, Will Trent, and later his love interest, Sara Linton.  I love the series for a lot of reasons – the addicting plots, chilling criminals and more – but the main reason is because of how much I love Will and Sara together.  The series focuses just as much on Will and Sarah’s personal lives, as it does on the killers they work to stop.  The writing can be a little gruesome at times but in my opinion, it only adds to the suspense and creepiness appeal of the books.

Here’s the full list of Will Trent books:

  1. Triptych (Will Trent, #1)
  2. Fractured (Will Trent, #2)
  3. Undone (Will Trent, #3)
  4. Broken (Will Trent, #4)
  5. Fallen (Will Trent, #5)
  6. Criminal (Will Trent, #6)
  7. Unseen (Will Trent, #7)
  8. The Kept Woman (Will Trent, #8)

If you’re a fan of mysteries or police procedurals, I highly recommend checking this series out!

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